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About Us

Why Another Association?

We are chiropractors because of the chiropractic philosophy. 

We believe that the chiropractic profession is a true health care profession. We believe, as it has been proclaimed since its inception, that chiropractic provides the highest form of health care without the use of drugs or surgery. 

We believe that a state chiropractic association should defend, encourage and promote everychiropractor in the state.

How is the OCA Different?

As an association and as individual members we will always strive to do the right thing.

We will bring in high caliber, engaging chiropractic speakers to teach at the OCA continuing education seminars. We believe it is time to bring in speakers that make us a better chiropractor versus speakers that we must listen to in order to receive required hours. 

We will listen to every voice and acknowledge all concerns as it pertains to the practice of chiropractic.

We will strive to have open access to joining any insurance plans that the chiropractor wishes to join. We will also work toward ensuring adequate reimbursement for our services.

We will uphold the science, art and philosophy of chiropractic and will defend it both personally and politically. Through personal effort, connections and a lobbyist, we will always keep strong political ties to protect chiropractic from negative legislation that may harm the practice of chiropractic in the state. 

We will always maintain an open door and open book policy. All financial transactions will be available for members to view. Our board members will be practicing chiropractors and their positions on the board will be unpaid. 

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