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Workers Compensation Legislation

In 2020, Oklahoma passed a bill allowing chiropractic treatment to be included in workers compensation for injured employees. This new legislation adds Doctor of Chiropractic professionals to the list of options businesses can consider when referring injured workers to treatment.

This is great news, because businesses that use chiropractors help injured workers get out of pain and back to work faster with lower costs.

Chiropractic Statistics*

  • Missouri uses chiropractic treatment for injured workers and in doing so, the state has demonstrated the ability to get workers back to work faster with lower treatment costs. 

  • Tennessee found that patients with low back pain who started treatment with a chiropractor saved an average of 40 percent on healthcare costs.

  • Many states such as Oregon have adopted the idea that treatment by chiropractors reduces the use and abuse of opioid prescription drugs.

  • Chiropractic work has led to clinically significant reductions in self-reported pain and disability at four weeks, according to a study out of the University of Pittsburgh.

If you’re interested in learning more or getting connected with an established, respected chiropractor in your area who can help employees save money, avoid surgery and return to work quickly, please email, call 405.767.1124 .




*McGowan & Suiter 2019

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